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  • Human Rights Situation in Palestine and Other Occupied Arab Territories 
    Scroll down to paragraph 50 for a summary of the International Court of Justice’s decisions
  • Press Release on January 19th, 2009
    “…In the resolution, adopted by a roll-call vote of 33 in favour, one against and 13 abstentions, the Council called for the immediate cessation of Israeli military attacks throughout the Palestinian Occupied Territory and called upon the occupying power to end its occupation of all Palestinian lands occupied since 1967, and to respect its commitment within the peace process towards the establishment of the independent sovereign Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital. The Council also demanded that the occupying power stop the targeting of civilians and medical facilities and staff as well as the systematic destruction of cultural heritage. It demanded further that the occupying power lift the siege and open all borders. It also requested the Secretary-General of the Untied Nations to investigate the latest targeting of UNRWA facilities in Gaza, including schools, that resulted in the killing of tens of Palestinian civilians, including women and children.”

International Court of Justice

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A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel (almost 114 billion dollars)
Countries with the Largest Jewish Populations in the World
Islam by Country
Countries with the Largest Palestinian Populations


CBS60 Minutes Special on the Occupation of Palestine: 

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