Posted by: University of Mississippi | April 29, 2009

Alumni Support

The following letter was written by an Ole Miss Alumnus, originally as a Facebook “note.”  It was soon brought to my attention through a mutual friend.  This letter reveals that the recent character attacks aimed at discrediting our campaign do not represent a consensus of opinion at Ole Miss.  While Poole does not hold an opinion on the divestment issue per se, he expresses respect for political diversity, honest debate, and passionate activism.  These are the virtues that underlie our campaign, and I believe that recognizing their importance is crucial for maintaining their existence.  Although I do believe Poole’s criticism of the ASB to be a bit over-inclusive, I respect Poole’s opinion and his outspoken support for the virtues of constructive democratic action.

Dear Dan Blazo,

I know you probably won’t read this, but I just want to say that I sympathize with your situation. When I think of the Ole Miss ASB Senate, the first thought that comes to my mind is “an extremely conservative, like-minded, totalitarian regime.” Like most politicians, people who are elected to the ASB Senate have no idea what they’re doing, and, rather than listen to an outside voice to gain some perspective on an important issue, they would rather debate parking spaces — or something else equally as trivial. (Yes, for all you readers, I said the parking issue is trivial — learn to walk. God gave you two legs, and they weren’t retro-desgined for brake and gas pedals.) However, I’m sure you realize that you’re going up against an extremely conservative student body who probably doesn’t understand the divestment of Israel, and only voted against it because their buddies told them to do so. What’s understanding? I’d rather be ignorant.

I really hope you stand your ground in the ASB Senate. It gives me peace of mind knowing that not everyone in the Senate is a mindless clone. It is absolutely absurd that fellow Senate members are asking for your resignation because you don’t share the same ideology they’d like to see assimilated through out the campus. You’re going up against a group that doesn’t like change. You’re going up against a group who only wanted to be elected because it would look good on job/graduate school applications — there may be exceptions. You’re going up against a group who do not respect perspective or anything other than extreme right wing ideology. The last remark you made in your letter to fellow Senators, which is posted in the “3,000 Rebels who want to impeach Dan Blazo”, is no less than the intelligence I expect from a group who only sought election to better their resumes.

It’s nice having someone who is actually political in the ASB Senate.

Ole Miss Alumnus,
Aaron Poole

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