Posted by: University of Mississippi | April 25, 2009

Palestinian Christians

The following is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article: “Palestinian Christians.”  Sources are listed below and have been verified.

In a 2006 poll of Christians in Bethlehem by the Palestinian Centre for Research and Cultural Dialogue, 90% reported having Muslim friends, 73.3% agreed that the Palestinian Authority treats Christian heritage in the city with respect and 78% attributed the ongoing exodus of Christians from Bethlehem to the Israeli travel restrictions on the area.[1]

A recent letter from Congressman Henry Hyde to President George W. Bush notes that “the Christian community is being crushed in the mill of the bitter Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” and that expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are “irreversibly damaging the dwindling Christian community.” [2] [3]

After Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on Islam in September 2006, five churches, among them two Greek Orthodox churches – as such, not affiliated with either Catholicism or the Pope – were firebombed and shot at in the West Bank and Gaza. No one was hurt and no one claimed responsibility.[4] Former Palestinian Prime Minister and current Hamas leader Ismail Haniya condemned the attacks and police presence was elevated in Bethlehem, which has a sizable Christian community.[5]


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