Posted by: University of Mississippi | April 13, 2009

Letter to the Editor

The following letter was submitted to the Daily Mississippian on Saturday, March 11th, in response to Michael Zubick’s column published on March 9th:

To the Editor:

Michael Zubick’s April 8th column, “Palestine is Jordan,” is saturated with false statements used to support Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.  Zubick’s entire argument backfires upon recognition of these erroneous claims.

The most appalling of these false contentions, “Today [Jewish Israelis] remain outnumbered, a population of 10 million against a half billion Arabs who are still thirsty for their blood,” suggests embittered racial prejudice and deliberate fabrication of the truth.  There are only 325 million Arabs in the world; not a “half billion.”  The Arab people have no genetic, cultural, or historic predisposition of Jewish bloodthirst.  Zubick makes Arabs out to be rabid dogs, rather than the proud people they truly are.

In addition, Zubick answers his own question: “Why don’t the Palestinians go to their homeland? Jordan doesn’t want them.”  This reasoning reflects Zubick’s lack of concern for the truth. 

About half of Palestinians’ homes are in Gaza and the West Bank .  The rest are living as refugees in foreign nations.  Jordan is the only country to grant citizenship to Palestinian refugees.  Palestinian refugees cannot return to their homes because the Israeli government forbids them from doing so.  The Israeli government forcibly evicted them from their homes and destroyed their villages in the first place.  Despite perpetual demands from the UN General Assembly and International Court of Justice, Palestinians still do not have the “right of return.”

The “pro-Israel” arguments published in the DM thus far have all relied upon misinformation.  Propaganda like this imprisons the Palestinians.  The truth will set them free.
Dan Blazo
Political Science Graduate Student


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