Posted by: University of Mississippi | April 2, 2009

Looking to Learn More about the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict?

If you’re just beginning to “do your homework” on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, thanks for stopping by.  I will try to briefly summarize our claims to give you a feel for what we’re all about. 

  1. We believe that the Israeli government’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza (the longest occupation in modern history), the blockades against Gaza, and the illegal Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank are all sources of continual violence, and that the Israeli government needs to bring them to an end for peace to ensue.
  2. We are morally outraged by the recent 22 day “war” in Gaza, which left at least 1,370 Palestinians and 13 Israelis dead.  One third of the Palestinians killed were children, and at least 80% were nonviolent civilians.  4 of the 13 Israelis died in friendly fire; 10 of the 13 were soldiers.  This was a lengthy aerial bombardment against a defenseless people.  We consider this attack a massacre.
  3. We seek genuine peace and civil rights for all Israelis and Palestinians, and believe thatunder current circumstancesPalestinians are systematically and perpetually denied their basic human rights, as outlayed in the Geneva Convention and confirmed dozens of times by the UN General Assembly, UN Human Rights Commission, UN Security Council, Amnesty International, The Red Cross, and many other prominent international human rights organizations. 
  4. We believe  that the U.S. government, which gives billions of dollars in military aid to Israel every year, could play a major and necessary role in the dismantlement of the Occupation.

We understand that these are bold, and perhaps startling claims.  If you look into what we have to say, however, and verify the credibility of our sources (which we hope you do!), we strongly believe that you will see this conflict from a viewpoint similar to ours. 

Wars are always bad for both sides engaged in battle, and we feel that the winning side should end the war as soon as the necessary means of self-defense are achieved.  Israel’s ongoing presence in the West Bank incites anger and frustration among the occupied Palestinians.  Israel continues to build and expand settlements on Palestinian land, despite dozens of UN resolutions declaring these settlements illegal!  Palestinians simply cannot fight back.  They have no functional economy (in large part because of the occupation), no organized military force, and no means of self-determination.  Their occupiers, on the other hand, have the fourth largest military in the world (Israel’s), which is unconditionally sustained and defended by the largest military in the history of the world (the United States’).

This is a complicated situation, but we hope that doesn’t deter you from learning more about it.  What if we’re right?  Would you be appalled at the injustice?  Would you try to ease the dire suffering of the Palestinian people?  Would you care? 

Keep reading, and if you decide you want to help ease the suffering of both Israelis and Palestinians, please join us in the struggle for peace and human rights worldwide.


  1. This post was forwarded to me by a friend and it sparked my interest in the conflict. I have done some research and completely agree that we have to do whatever we can to address this situation!!!
    Anyone who is proud to be an American, like myself, should have trouble dealing with our nation’s actions in Israel/Palestine. We really have to open our eyes and look beyond the topics typically included in the media’s coverage, because when tragedies like this are preventable and stoppable we must take action! Way to go University of Mississippi, thank you for helping bring this atrocity to the surface!!!

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